Getting your home ready for market? Here are a few items you should be on the lookout for that come up on almost EVERY HOME INSPECTION:

1.) Dirty gutters - need to be cleaned and or suggest gutter guards

2.) Over grown trees - any vegetation should never be touching the roof or the home

3.) Craw Space - need to have a clean crawl space and vapor barriers in place if there are moisture concerns

4.) GFCI - these are outlets that need to be proteced when near a water source such as in kitchens and bathrooms. 

5.) Epidemic of loose toilets around Knoxville...get toilets tightened! 

6.) Water Heater - the pipe that allows proper drainage into the pan is not installed correctly - and or no pan for drainage. Make sure Water Heater is working and draining properly!

Hopefully this will help you be one step ahead when selling your home! 

Steve & Tonja Doty

Realty Executives Associates, Knoxville TN